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Chiropractic Care

Enjoying Incredible Health

A healthier nervous system means a healthier you! Stress on your body’s nerves leads to malfunction, resulting in symptoms such as pain and illness. Potential stress is all around us; from the physical slips and falls to emotional stressors like anger and chemical stressors such as medications or unhealthy foods, we’re surrounded! When the body is bombarded, misalignments can occur that affect your nervous system’s ability to function, which in turn diminishes your ability to heal.

Our bodies were designed to have abundant health. Issues that aren’t resolved, however, can easily become chronic problems. As a chiropractor, our doctors focus on restoring nerve function to facilitate healing, eliminating, reducing or minimizing your health concerns.

A Precise, Personalized Approach

Dr. Alison giving a NUCCA adjustment. Inner Balance Chiropractic offers NUCCA correction, which is a gentle, controlled technique that focuses on the top bone of the neck, the atlas. It restores the balance to your body by ensuring that the atlas is properly aligned with your head, with the rest of your body following suit.

You won’t experience twisting or cracking, and the correction we’ll make is specifically tailored to you.

No two adjustments are alike, and each one is designed to fit your needs. A light pressure is used, and we’ll fully explain what you can expect before getting started. Your care may also include stretching, soft tissue work and lifestyle advice as appropriate.

Feeling Better and Staying Well

Our priority is to decrease any pain you’re having, reducing inflammation and increasing the body’s biomechanics. We may see you once or twice a week for a few weeks to show you quick changes. If you decide to enter wellness care, the frequency of visits will depend on what you need to remain in the best possible health.

We’ll know exactly what your body requires due to our comprehensive analysis and protocol, including taking X-rays on-site. These images will be retaken at regular intervals to evaluate your progress.

Experience the many benefits of chiropractic care with our gentle methods. Contact us today!

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