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Reviews for Inner Balance Chiropractic

No More Prescription Medications!

“When I first came to Inner Balance Chiropractic over 4 years ago, I was suffering from migraines, TMJ/muscle pain ,sinus pain and poor posture. Regular visits with Dr. Alison have greatly reduced my pain and improved my quality of life. The therapies along with massage therapy, yoga, and attention to my headache trigger have allowed me to eliminate prescription medications.

I appreciate the emphasis on overall health and well-being. Thank you!”Nadine

No More Headaches!

Before coming to Inner Balance, I suffered from debilitating chronic neck pain, dizziness and frequent migraines. After a few months working with Dr. Alison, my neck pain became much less frequent. My dizziness resolved and my headaches, which had been almost constant, mostly went away. I tell everyone with neck pain – “Go see Inner Balance!” That, along with all of the nutritional advice I have received, have made such a difference in my life!

- Nancy

Numbness In Hands Is Gone

I was having numbness in both hands in my last two fingers every other morning, especially in my right hand. With the adjustments the numbness is virtually gone, only on minor occasions when I didn’t use my neck pillow.

No more tossing and turning to see what side I could sleep on that night. Thanks to Inner Balance.Arlene

No Surgery Needed

In April 2100, I dislocated and fractured my left shoulder. The Drs. Recommended surgery to correct the break, since the bone moved slightly out of place. They also told me I might have only about 90% range of motion.

I went for the prescribed physical therapy and I went to a natural healing MD where I heard about Inner Balance.

After about a year of seeing Dr. Cummings I have full range of motion with my left arm. I’d love to show the orthopedic dr. if I didn’t have to pay for an office visit!

Also my back, neck and hip have benefitted from the care at Inner Balance. I had been seeing a chiropractor for years for that, and I prefer the care at Inner Balance.

- Fran

Testing is Impressive & Complete”

I heard of Inner Balance from a friend with whom I’d taught. She said the NUCCA technique might give the relief I sought. My balance wasn’t the greatest and my neck was out of whack, besides feeling stress and pressure in my neck and upper back.

I attended a “Doctors” evening just to check it out. I wanted to get a feel for what this place was all about. A high school classmate I met there also gave rave reviews. I bought a $50 certificate and wished for hopeful news.

The XRAY and testing were impressive and complete. Its amazing how we are connected from our head down to our feet! After the evaluation, several appointments I did arrange. I kept telling Dr. Alison I prayed she and God could create a change. At the monthly presentations the Dr. and guest have lots to tell. Their main objective is giving info that will help us to stay well.

After almost 3 years of coming, I can’t imagine being elsewhere, because the staff at Inner Balance shows that they really care.Ellen

Preventative Care

With the emphasis today on health prevention, I sought care from Dr. Cummings. I had no acute aches or pains. I was impressed with the extensive screening exam at my initial appointment. It is interesting to see that small changes in your spine do not produce any symptoms for a long time. I feel I am making a positive contribution to my health by seeing Dr. Cummings regularly.

- Debby

“Not Intimidating”

“I began receiving treatment a couple of months ago for stress and anxiety. I now have more energy and feel so much better!

Dr. Cummings and the NUCCA method are very beneficial and not intimidating as compared to other ‘bone cracking’ chiropractors!”

- Mary

“Calm & Warm”

“I am very happy with my new chiropractor. My body is responding to the treatments , along with healthy eating and ‘trying to’ take more time for me.

I love the calm, warm atmosphere in the entire office. I can feel it when I walk into the room! Thank you!”

- Patty

“A True Miracle!”

“We first brought Sarah in when she was diagnosed with scoliosis- a 27 degree curve. We had already tried another chiropractor, physical therapist, dance and swim lessons.

After six months of treatment her curve reduced to 13 degrees-over 50%! It is a true miracle. If it was not for the doctor Sarah would be wearing a back brace.”

Life Altering Experience

Ever heard about the “suicide disease” called TN? Trigeminal Neuralgia is rare usually attacking ages 50 and above.

Just as your skin relaxed with age, so do the arteries and veins. For some this causes them to pound against the trigeminal nerves of the face resulting in wearing down of the nerves protective covering. That in turn produces lightening shocks in facial areas preventing you from all facial pleasures, including eating!

This has been my battle since the year 2005. I have had two Micro Vascular Decompression surgeries to separate the vessels from the nerve. However, the pain would still return and it’s back on the meds that only hide the pain while stealing your quality of life.
Then I learned about NUCCA doctors and seeking one out I located our Inner Balance Chiropractic office. I had only ten treatments but find myself already free of pain and meds!

The TN puzzle is complete and I will always love this entire Doctors office and staff for the joy they have given me. We are so blessed they are in our community. There are very few NUCCA Doctors in this country.

- Kathleen

“I feel so much better, healthier, and younger!”

I am 75 and was experiencing head pain and ringing in the ears on waking in the morning. I thought I should at least try Inner Balance, which was recommended to me by fiends. Viola- with just a few treatments, ringing in ears is gone. And no headaches when I wake up. It also used to sometimes last all day. I feel so much better, healthier, younger- YAY!

Inner Balance is wonderful – restorative!Natalie

Surgery Avoided!

I came to Inner Balance Chiropractic as the result of an injury to my hand, which resulted in, I thought, carpal tunnel syndrome. After being diagnosed by my doctor and recommended for surgery I chose a less intrusive remedy. After a short amount of time and multiple visits to Inner Balance I am pain free and sleeping through the night with no shooting pains in my hand or arm.

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I am sure that the injury contributed to the carpal tunnel issue, but the examination and treatment indicated that I might have suffered the symptoms eventually had I not sought treatment when I did.

10 years ago I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and told I would be crippled within 6 months. I went for a second opinion-found to be incorrect, just regular arthritis of the spine, (bad enough but I can live with it). Continued with my regular chiropractor for years, as needed for temporary relief.
I discovered Alison 2-3 years ago. Thank God! For continued relief I come once a month. I now have the complete mobility that I did not have before.


- Annette

“No More Pain”

“I came to Inner Balance with nagging, painful sciatica problems. After taking the usual anti-inflammation medication from my doctor and going to 8 weeks of physical therapy, I still had pain and could not walk or stand without pain in my lower back and shooting pain down my legs.
I came to Inner Balance and after 8 weeks of treatment, I had no more pain and I can walk the mall again with no pain!

I would recommend Inner Balance Chiropractic to anyone!” Diane

No Ear Tubes Needed Anymore!

In late January 2010 my son Tyler was told that we would need to consult with an Ear Nose and Throat specialist at Children’s Hospital for the insertion of tubes into both ears. Tyler was on antibiotics for 6 weeks with no relief. My husband and I decided to try chiropractic with him.

We noticed an improvement almost immediately. He started as a patient in February. At our recheck appointment with our primary pediatrician there was a decrease in inflammation in both ears. When we had our consult at Children’s we were told to come back in three months, and more than likely he would not need tubes. On his 1st birthday and 3 month checkup the specialist said that he would no longer need tubes.

Tyler was adjusted 6 times. We now regularly come monthly and Tyler is very relaxed and happy.

- Jessica

After Two Adjustments, Vertigo Is Gone

I have been suffering from Vertigo for approximately 3 years or more. At first it would come and go and cause me to be totally incapacitated for a couple of hours. As it progressed, at times, I would be hit with it while laying in bed as I turned from one side to the other. I would feel as if the room was totally spinning around and it would cause me to break out in a cold sweat and feel as if I had to vomit.

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Sometimes as soon as I stepped out of bed I would fall against the wall and not be able to stand. Other times I could be fine and just move my head in the wrong way and lose my equilibrium for not just one day but up to a week or more with little or no answer as to how it happens, when it would happen, or how to prevent it.

I have seen my Primary Care Doctor, I have been referred to a Physical Therapist for many treatments, I have been to a Neurologist and then finally an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. I have had Brain, MRI and CT scans, pills and tons of instructions on head movements to force it away. All treatments did little or nothing to solve the problem unless I did not move my head in a certain direction…which is practically impossible. I was given Antivert, Valium and I even tried motion sickness tablets… all worked temporarily with no real lasting improvements.

My wife saw an article in the Amherst Bee about NUCCA. She said let’s try it because she knew I hated the sound of cracking my problems under general types of Chiropractic Manipulation.

After 2 adjustments, my vertigo is gone. It has now been two months and I can move my head, in any direction, and have not had a reoccurrence.

My balance has been restored at none other than Inner Balance Chiropractic.Steve

Sleeping Peacefully

“I brought my 18 month old son to see Dr. Cummings because of his very poor sleeping habits. He tossed and turned in his crib and appeared to be unable to find a comfortable sleeping position. He also woke up 3-4 times every night.

It may be too early to say my son is 100% better, but since he has been seeing Dr. Cummings for the past month he does appear more comfortable while he sleeps and wakes up less often.”

- Venus

“I Couldn’t Believe the Success”

“I started going to Dr. Cummings for my allergies. My nose was so stuffed it felt like it weighed 10 lbs. Medications, over the counter and prescription, were not working anymore. After three weeks with Dr. Cummings I am breathing freely.

Even I could not believe the success I was having. I am now a believer in the healing power of the body and the positive effect chiropractic care can bring.”

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