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New Patients

Inner Balance Chiropractic is a warm and inviting place with a casual atmosphere where all ages can feel at home. Our friendly, helpful team is ready to welcome you!

Your First Visit

The first appointment is focused on understanding how well your nerve system is functioning. You’ll sit down with your chiropractor to have a consultation and an examination, including computerized nerve scans taken with the Insight™ Subluxation Station.

We’ll take a deeper look at your body’s structure with X-rays. With these forms of testing, we can ensure that you’re a good candidate for what we do.

Please plan on being here for about an hour and a half.

Your Second Visit

When you return, your doctor will have reviewed all your information and prepared a packet for you to take home with you. We’ll go over our findings, recommendations, expectations and costs involved. We’ll also give you your first chiropractic adjustment, then have you rest before going home. This appointment takes about 30 minutes.

Once I Start, Do I Have to Go for Life?

Chiropractic care can address all types of needs. If you’re in pain and want to find relief, we can help you. If you want to make progress with a problem and improve your health, we can do that, too. If you want to promote your health and have supportive, wellness-style care, we’re happy to play that role, as well.

How you utilize chiropractic care is completely up to you, and you can choose to receive whatever amount you feel is right for you.

What to Expect From Your Care

On your first few visits, we’re working to decrease inflammation, restore your body’s mechanics and jump-start the healing process. You should see a reduction in your symptoms and an improvement in your physiology. As you start to feel better, we’ll talk about how you can avoid the distress that prevents your body from reaching even higher levels of well-being.

Begin your journey to incredible health by contacting us today! our gentle approach works for all ages and conditions.

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