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Meet the Doctors

Meet Dr. Alison Cummings

Dr Alison

A Remarkable Experience With Chiropractic

Dr. Alison returned home for the summer after her sophomore year in college complaining of chronic knee and foot pain. Her parents had just started seeing a chiropractor and saw great results.

After finding out about Dr. Alison’s problems, the chiropractor recommended they bring her in. Her mom replied that it wasn’t neck or back pain, so what could it do? The chiropractor explained that they work with the entire body because of chiropractic’s focus on the nerve system.

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Meet Dr. Arianna Bordonaro

Dr. Arianna

Internship Turned into Miracle…

Dr. Arianna Bordonaro was introduced to chiropractic care in high school. Given the opportunity to do an internship in any career field, she chose chiropractic. It wasn’t until then that she realized that chiropractic care could help her too. Having suffered from neck pain and headaches for years, she had only been given pharmaceutical drugs and they didn’t work. She knew she could not continue living with headaches. She experienced her first chiropractic adjustment during her internship. Immediately, Dr. Arianna found her headaches dissolving away. She had found her solution to her years of debilitating headaches: chiropractic.

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